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Updated: Aug 25, 2021

We often get asked, How can I make my hair grow longer faster?

The short answer is that you cant really make hair grow an faster, but you can make sure it grows healthier and stronger, less prone to split ends and breaking.. Which means it will get longer and look thicker..

Here are our top pro tips to help you get the locks you're dreaming of

Trim Your Ends

A hair cut wont make your hair grow faster but it will get rid of the split ends that cause your hair to break.

If left the split travels up the hair and weakens it resulting in finer spindly ends, breakage and loss of length.

Your hair grows approximately 1cm per month so by trimming 1/2 cm each 6 to 8 weeks you will have longer stronger blunter ends.

Eat a well balanced diet

A well balanced diet assists in healthy hair growth..heathy body, healthy hair.

foods that are high in the following vitamins and minerals encourage hair growth.

Biotin: a B vitamin for strength and growth, found in eggs, fish, legumes nuts and seeds

Vitamin D found in oily fish , mushrooms and green leafy vegetables, can help stimulate hair follicles that have become dormant

Vitamin E: its potent antioxidant activity helps to reduce oxidative stress in the scalp, which is known to be associated with hair loss. some foods that are high in vitamin E are pumpkin, capsicum, avocado, kiwi fruit and almonds.

Iron deficiency has been linked to hair loss

Zinc: plays an important role in cell reproduction and is found in lean red meats, oysters, grains, nuts, seeds an pulses and leafy green vegetables

Vitamin C: is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect against the oxidative stress caused by free radicals. I creates collagen, an important part of the hair structure and helps your body absorb iron. Add citrus fruits, berries, broccoli and chilli to your diet.

Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, plant oils and nuts provide proteins and have an anti-inflammatory effects that can counteract any inflammation that's causing hair shedding.

Massage your scalp

Besides easing stress and tension, scalp massage can help hair growth by stimulating the blood flow to the follicules, bringing with it oxygen and hair-healthy nutrients.This may lead to thicker, stronger hair that’s less likely to break off or become damaged.

Using hair treatments and masks while you massage delivers the nutrients and moisture to the hair helping with hydration, repairing damage and keeping hair supple and less prone to breakage.

Take hair supplements and vitamins

We don't always get enough of the right vitamins and minerals from our diet alone this is where supplements can support hair growth. The best one we have found is AEDE a daily hair supplement designed to protect against free radical damage, boost collagen production and restore hormonal balance.

It's great for hair that is thinning or damaged and you can defiantly see noticeable improvement after using it.

Use heat and thermal tools less

Curling irons, straightening irons and blow dryers are all great styling tools, they can help you create a fabulous hair but it can be at the expense of your hair’s health.

They can causing breakage, damage and drying. Try using them less, let your hair air dry occasionally and when you do use them make sure you use thermal protector and don't have them too hot.

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