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Remember what your hair looked and felt like when you were a kid, before you started colouring it , blowdrying it and using thermal tools. It was soft, shiny, strong and bouncy.

K18 peptide molecular repair is a new salon service with an at home care treatment that re-news and heals hair bringing it back to its youthful original state..


K18 heals the hair

Hair is made of Keratin which is made up of coiled chains of amino acids all linked together by peptide bonds and kept in place by di-sulphide bonds. Imagine it as lots of curled ladders.

When we use chemicals like hair colours and lighteners or apply heat when styling we damage these structures and they break apart,

K18 utilises a breakthrough patented oligopeptide (K18Peptide™) which carries the building blocks of the hair, amino acids into the inner structure of the hair.

Once inside the hair cortex, the unique amino-acid chain goes directly to the broken keratin chains to replace the lost amino acids, reconnecting the bonds and restoring ultimate strength, resilience and softness. It is healing the hair and restoring it to an near undamaged state of strength and elasticity.

K18 is free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, artificial colours, sodium chloride, formaldehydes, is vegan, and cruelty-free



Conceal damage by patching up the outer layer of hair without repairing broken bonds in the core of the hair. They nourish, moisturise and smooth the hair making it look and feel better but it is not a permanent fix and the ingredients eventually break down and wash away


Patch the damage, repairing broken bonds in the core by 'glueing' them back together. They do strengthen and protect form further damage but they will break down over time. They only work on the inside of the hair and conditioners and masks are needed to condition to smooth the outside layer


Renews the hair and heals the damage by re-connecting the keratin chains permanently. It works on all layers of the hair making it look and feel like new with lasting results that don't wash away.


hair under a microscope before and after K18
hair under a microscope before and after K18


You can experience the amazing results of K18 by having a the service with your colour.

We apply the pre colour repair mist before we apply colour to your hair. This evens out the condition, strengthens and prepares hair for colouring. After colouring we apply the Mask, this will repair any internal or external damage and close the cuticle and seal in the peptide. leaving hair smooth and soft.

Of course you can have a K18 molecular repair service without having a colour service

Our hair is not only damaged by colour, but from heat, sun, products, water and environmental aggressors. K18 restores your hairs health and reverses any damage.

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All though the repair is permanent, as soon as you use heat to style your hair or go out in the sun your hair you are creating new damage.

When you have this in salon service you will receive a take home repair to achieve maximum repair and stop any further damage

The take home mask is designed to be used consecutively for 6 washes then every 3-4 washes to maintain the healthiest hair possible.

How to use it at home

  1. Shampoo, rinse. Skip the conditioner.

  2. Towel dry hair thoroughly

  3. Apply Mask.

  4. Wait 4 minutes. Do not rinse.After 4 minutes, apply styling products if desired and dry/style as usual.


All of the Orenda hair team have had this service on their hair and have been using it on our clients and everyone of us is impressed at the results. I am sure you will be too!

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