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Updated: Jun 7, 2021

My hair is frizzy, with un-even texture and hard to manage curl. It takes over 45 minutes to blow-dry and then you need to use a thermal tool to get those waves and "effortless" curls!

I am basically lazy when to comes to my own hair and am too busy to spend that much time styling it, so I either leave it in a curly mess or have one of the girls in the salon blow-dry to for me.

I know I'm not the only one with these hair issues as many of our clients tell us the same thing.

I decided to test out the Keratin smoothing treatment we offer in the salon. Cezanne Keratin smoothing treatment is a process that softness the curls and waves, minimises frizz, increases shine and makes styling faster and easier. It wont make my hair straight but retains and smooths the curl texture that can be easily and quickly dried straight.


Cezanne has a combination of natural ingredients including Sericin, Glycolic acid, keratin,botanical extracts and vitamins which are infused into the hair, smoothing the hair and replacing lost and damaged proteins. Protecting from the inside out.

  • Sericin is a component of silk which bonds to the natural keratin in hair and acts as cement between the strands of keratin proteins, protecting the hair and locking it into a smoother, straighter shape.

  • Keratin is the protein that hair is made of and ensures the hair is smooth and strong

  • Vitamins C,E,B3, B5, B6 sugarcane, lemon, Apple and green tea extracts work to moisturise and condition the hair.

When heat is applied during the flat iron process, the cuticle is closed and the blend of healthy ingredients is locked in, protecting and smoothing the hair.

The product is formaldehyde free so no-nasty fumes or damage to your hair or health


The process took about two and a half hours, but time does vary based on hair length, density and texture. My hair was prepared with a detoxifying shampoo, to remove any toxins or build up, then completely dried off. Next the the Cezanne solution is applied to each strand and it processes for 30 minutes. Once it is rinsed it is blow-dried straight. the hair is then ironed section by section by section to lock in the Cezanne and complete the smoothing process


On the day when the treatment was finished my hair was really shiny and straight. After I washed it the next day, not only was my frizz gone, my curls were reduced and when I let it dry naturally it looked more like a beachy wave which I loved. I am still getting my regular blow- out in the salon but it does take less time to dry and less work to style. I even do it myself some days.

It lasted about 4 months and over that time the curl came back but not as frizzy.

The great thing about the Cezanne treatment was I didn't have to wait days to be able to put my hair up or wash it and I could have my colour done also.

I would definitely recommend the service to help with managing frizzy, curly, uneven textured hair.

Below are after shots of my hair and a couple of clients.The shine is amazing!

If a smoothing treatment could help you fight the frizz call us at Orenda hair on 082328539

bookings can also be made online.



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