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"a spiritual power inherent in all people and their environment to bring about change for the better"

Orenda Hair is gender-neutral, sustainable salon, for everyone who wants great hair, has a sense of style and cares about the products they use.


We want you to look and feel amazing about your self!


At Orenda Hair, we understand that you deserve more than just an amazing haircut and colour and that the whole experience is about you and your hair. 


We have created an inclusive space where you can be yourself, and feel as comfortable as possible to explore your style and let us create your dream look 

Whatever that may be!

While you relax and enjoy some "me" time, our talented and passionate stylists, each with their own unique personality, will listen to you and craft a cut, colour and style that suits you and your individuality, with an emphasis on the long-term integrity, health and condition of your hair.

Because your health, the health of our team and the planet is important, we use products that contain no toxic chemicals, are cruelty free and sourced ethically and sustainably. Allowing our stylists to achieve the lightest, the richest and most vibrant shades to create your perfect colour, without compromising the integrity of your hair. Leaving it glossy and manageable.


OH ... and We know you hate bad hair days so our stylists will make sure you know how to style and maintain the condition of your hair between visits, so you'll look good and feel good always

Why Us


After many years of working in salons and as hairdressing educators all over the world and Australia, owners Dea and Vicki crossed paths when they were both teaching hairdressing at TAFE. They soon realised that they had a similar sense of humour and ideas about life and instantly became friends.

In 2018, Over a few glasses (bottles) of wine, lots of laughs and sharing their dreams, it soon became clear they both had a vision of building a fun, environmentally conscious, unpretentious salon where everyone was and could be themselves. They found the perfect little space tucked in amongst the boutiques, bars and cafes in Ebenezer place.. Straight away they knew this was the place and Orenda hair was born.  


Our Story
sustainable salons


We are committed to sustainable growth that encourages social responsibility and respect for the planet by reducing, reusing or recycling as much salon waste as possible.

As members of sustainable salon

  • 95% of the salon waste including chemicals, hair, metals plastics & paper  is diverted from landfill, and instead, it’s collected and sent to be recycled or up-cycled to new products. 

  • all proceeds are donated to Oz harvest  

  •  Donated hair creates wigs for those suffering from cancer or alopecia.

OH...Each visit Your small $2 fee helps supports our ongoing commitment to reducing our environmental footprint, reducing waste and supporting charitable causes

Orenda Hair care


Because both Dea and Vicki have allergies and severe reactions to traditional colour ranges and products. Orenda hair chooses to use and recommend brands that use clean technologies, contain no toxic chemicals, are cruelty free and utilise recycled and biodegradable packaging.

We use the the cleanest and greenest products from our hair colour to the haircare we sell and even the cleaning products we use because the health of our team, our clients, their hair and the environment is as important as the services provided.

OH...You can purchase your hair care products online and pick them form the salon or have them delivered to your door 

Gender neutral salon Adelaide


Most salons have services that are for male or female and their price structure is based on these genders. Why should you pay more or less for the same service because of the gender you identify as. We believe that this is both discriminatory, and can be intimidating for people that are non-binary or gender fluid.  Orenda hair is an inclusive space for everyone one to feel comfortable and enjoy a great salon experience and be able to have the hair that expresses their style. 

Our prices are based on hair length, time of service and amount of product not gender. This is a fairer and more inclusive way of doing things and respects each individual’s gender-identity 


OH...Everyone should  be their authentic self without question


Our Values

"If it's not right do not do it 

if it's not true do not say it"

Marcus Aurelius  


We are honest, ethical , reliable, genuine and responsible for our actions. We aim for the best outcomes without compromising our integrity or the integrity of your hair 

"Quality is not an act, it's a habit" 


We are committed to constantly providing great service, listening to our clients and creating fabulous hair. We use and recommend products that deliver results and protect the quality of your hair


"The only way to do great  work is to love what you do"

Steve Jobs   


We love what we do and we do it with energy, enthusiasm and positivity. We are dedicated to the craft and to making our client feel and look great. 

"When everyone is included, everyone wins " 
Jesse Jackson    


We don't discriminate or judge. We are kind and understanding and embrace a culture that supports our team members and our local community 


"We did not inherit from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children "

Native American proverb  


We reducing the environmental footprint of our salon by being ethically aware and environmentally sustainable with our practices, the products we use and the companies we align ourselves with.      

"Coming together, sharing together, working  together,  succeeding together 


We put our ego's aside, support individual strengths, communicate and work together to reach our goals. 



The salon is a fun environment where every one works together and has a voice. Family is important and we encourage a healthy work life balance.



Through constant learning we gain inspiration. ideas and excitement, which promotes confidence, creativity and personal growth. 

"Never get so busy making a living you forget to make a life "

Dolly Parton 

"Lets cultivate our garden" 

salon address

shop 3 4-10 Ebenezer Place



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