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Meet our passionate, talented Orenda Hair team 

Dea Orenda Hair


Meet Dea, the heart and soul of Orenda Hair, serving as Salon Director and Principal Stylist. With over 20 years of experience as a Stylist, Barber, and Educator, Dea's passion for the craft remains as strong as ever. As an expert with scissors and a razor, Dea uses various cutting techniques to create haircuts that perfectly complement your hair type and individuality. 


Dea is also our curly hair specialist, expertly cutting and styling curly hair to suit your personality and lifestyle, making you stand out with confidence. Her mission is to make you feel your best and ensure you leave the salon happy, equipped with the tools and knowledge to manage your hair effortlessly. 

From crafting curls to short, sharp cuts or luxurious long locks, Dea can do it all. With her as your hairdresser, you can say goodbye to bad hair days forever!


Outside the salon, Dea is a proud mum to two beautiful girls. Family is at the core of her values, adding warmth and care to her approach and creating an inviting atmosphere at Orenda Hair.


Make an appointment with Dea to experience the expertise of a professional who transforms your look and empowers you to embrace your hair with confidence.

Vicki Orenda Hair


Meet Vicki co-owner and principal stylist, Over the last 20+ years, she has done it all. From honing her skills on the salon floor and styling for photoshoots and events to educating the next generation of stylists at TAFE, her experience is vast and varied.


At Orenda Hair, Vicki balances multiple roles as salon coordinator and hairstylist for her personally requested clients, showcasing her multi-tasking prowess.


She has built a reputation for earning clients' trust through her deep understanding of their hair and desired looks. Her philosophy is to maintain the health and beauty of her client's hair without compromise.

Passionate about healthy hair and a self-proclaimed hair science nerd, Vicki avoids services or products that could over-process or damage hair. Instead, she educates clients on maintaining healthy, manageable hair.


Vicki loves working with natural textures, personalising her techniques for each client's hair type to create timeless, stylish looks enhanced by strategically placed colours. Her goal is to make every client feel and look amazing and feel confident 


Outside the salon, Vicki enjoys spending time with her fur baby Albert and hubby Pete. With a passion for travel, she loves experiencing new cultures, food, art, and architecture, always planning their next adventure.



Meet Adele, one of Orenda Hair’s principal stylists with over a decade of experience in cutting, colouring, and styling. A master of her craft, Adele is dedicated to creating personalised and positive experiences for each client. She ensures your time in the chair is memorable and enjoyable, valuing genuine connections where you can chat about life, love, and everything in between.

Adele believes your hair should do more than look good; it should reflect the amazing individual that you are. She takes pride in bringing your dream hair to life, mastering scissors to craft styles that meet her clients' visions. While she loves cutting and styling long hair, she also excels in men's style cutting, seamlessly blending clipper and scissor techniques.


As Orenda Hair’s go-to Blonde Specialist, Adele transforms every colour session into a masterpiece. She excels in all colouring techniques, with highlighting and balayage as her particular strengths, delivering seamless blondes and soft balayage to perfection.


Outside the salon, Adele, a true Gemini, might be off on an adventure, immersing herself in nature or learning to surf at the beach. Alternatively, you might find her curled up with her cat, indulging in her reality TV obsession or listening to a true crime podcast.

Ready for a hairstyling experience that’s not just about the hair but also about laughs, chats, and feeling awesome? make an appointment to see Adele



Meet Tom, our vibrant Senior Stylist who has been weaving his magic at Orenda Hair for a few years now! With scissors in hand and a passion for creating stunning looks, he's the maestro of glamour, confidence, and style.


Tom shines in making every moment in his chair a personalised and uplifting experience. He has a unique talent for making everyone feel special and at ease, ensuring everyone leaves the salon feeling fabulous.

Tom excels in creating glamorous looks that suit the client and complement their lifestyle, with strengths in cutting, styling, and colouring. He loves crafting rich brunettes, glossy reds, and natural blondes.

Tom's commitment to perfection shines through in every style he creates. From big, bouncy blowouts to sexy, wearable styles with a fashion twist,  his forte is styling hair that looks glam and expensive, leaving clients feeling like the best version of themselves.


When Tom isn't crafting beautiful hairstyles, you'll find him enjoying a night out with friends. A social butterfly, he frequents cool bars and clubs on the weekends, adding his exuberance to every gathering.


Book an appointment with Tom, and let your hair transformation begin. Beauty isn't just a look; it's an experience, and Tom ensures yours is nothing short of fabulous



Meet Keyarah 

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