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How often should I wash my hair?.... Is one of the most frequently asked questions in the salon.. most people don't need to wash their hair every day, once to three times a week depending on your hair is sufficient.

Washing your hair too often can lead to scalp irritation, over production of natural oils, as well as dry, dull hair.

But there is no one right answer, what is right for you and your hair will depend on several factors, including hair type, natural oil production, lifestyle and personal preference..

We share our shampoo tips for your best hair

shampooing hair

Factors to determine when you should shampoo

Your hair looks and feels oily, limp and greasy

Sebum is the natural oils produced in the scalp and are important for healthy hair as it protects the hair from damage, controls frizz and helps keep hair soft and shiny, so you don't want to be stripping it from the hair. But after a few days the oils can make the hair look greasy, limp.

Generally straight and thin hair needs to be shampooed more frequently than thicker, curly or wavy hair, as it is more easily coated by sebum, making it look greasy much faster.


Sweat can make your hair feel dirty and can cause it to smell, so if you work out a lot you

may need to shampoo more often.

Products or environmental dirt build up

If you use a lot of hair products or spend time outdoors you may experience more dirt

or products building up in your hair. This can lead to irritation so it may mean you

need to shampoo more often.

kevin murphy shampoo

Tips for getting the best from your shampoo routine

brushing hair

Detangle before you wet your hair

  • hair is more fragile when it is wet so, it is best to brush your hair and remove all the knots before you shampoo.

  • your shampoo will be easier to distribute and massage through, so you will use less and put less stress on your hair

concentrate the shampoo & massage at your scalp

  • rubbing the ends can cause breakage and split ends so you want to concentrate on removing the oils and grime at the roots and let the shampoo run over the ends to remove any product build up or dirt

  • apply a small amount of shampoo ( the size of a 10- 20 cent coin) to your palms and rub them together to create a light lather that you can work through the entire scalp. rather just plonking the shampoo on your hair and trying to then work it through (you will use less)

Shampoo twice

  • the first shampoo saturates the hair an lifts the oils and dirt the second one makes sure it is all removed from that hair.

Rinse well

  • If you don't rinse all the shampoo and conditioner out of the hair you could be left dull & limp hair and prone to becoming greasier and dirtier more quickly

Apply your conditioner, treatment or mask to the mid lengths and ends

  • this is where it is needed most, and too much at the roots can make them limp and greasy.

  • comb your conditioner through to distribute it evenly with a wide tooth comb or a wetbrush


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