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Master Your Curls with Confidence!

A Guide to Beautifully Defined Curly Hair

Picture this - you wake up, look in the mirror, and there they are, stunning, well-defined curls that make heads turn wherever you go!

Frizz, tangles, and unruly curls are a thing of the past and your waves and curls that perfectly reflect your unique personality and style.

In this blog post, we'll dive into some of the most common questions about managing curly, wavy, and natural textured hair. And share the best products and techniques, to help you rock your curls with confidence

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Q: I face a constant battle with frizz. How can I tame my unruly hair?

A: Embracing your natural texture starts with finding the perfect product for your curls. Everyone's curl is different and so different products suit each individual.

If you have thick heavy curls you probably need a more oily cream or gel to smooth the cuticle and moisturise the hair.

For finer hair, a lighter cream or mousse formula can work best. if your curls are less defined, and uneven you need a product that will help form the curls and provide hold.

It can be a trial and error, but the trick to stopping the frizz is applying your styling product liberally and evenly to very wet hair. This helps lock in moisture, your best defence against frizz.

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Our Stylists at Orenda Hair recommend

  • The Kevin Murphy Curl range of products

Killer Twirls, Killer Curls, Motion Lotion and Easy Rider

  • Evo curl cream and balm

Liquid Rollers and total recoil

  • DunGud

Bounce back

Q: I struggle with styling my hair and often end up with a simple bun or ponytail. Any tips for better-defined curls?

A: For beautifully defined and bouncy curls, it's all about preparation. Follow these steps for defined head-turning curls

  1. After shampooing, apply conditioner and detangle with a wide-tooth comb from the bottom to the scalp (never comb dry curly hair).

  2. Rinse the conditioner and apply leave-in moisturiser or treatment to the ends. ( We recommend Kevin Murphy Leave-in repair or Young Again oil, DunGud Nirvana treatment primer Evo headmistress cuticle sealer.)

  3. Apply your styling products to damp hair before removing excess water. Ensure each strand is well-coated. ( you should hear it squelch when you scrunch it.)

  4. Define each curl by combing it in vertical sections or twisting and scrunching it into place.

  5. Wrap your hair in a micro-fibre towel or tee shirt to preserve the curl pattern and prevent frizz while it dries.

  6. Once the bulk of the water is absorbed take the hair out of the towel. add any extra cream or oil and define the curls.. now don't touch them! let them dry. if you need to dry them faster use a diffuser but let the heat do the work and touch them as little as possible.

  7. When your curls are dry, you will find they have a cast or coating around them. (this is what you want as it separates each strand and stops frizz) you can now break up the curls by scrunching and pulling them apart. Tip your head over and massage the roots for more volume and curl separation.

drying curly hair

Q: I don't always have time to wash my hair every day but find I need to as I wake up with a mop of frizz.

A: By protecting your curls overnight, you'll wake up to healthier, shinier, and bouncier curls.

  • 1. Before bed, do a pre-bedtime 'refresh' by mixing a small amount of curl cream with water, hair oil, or leave-in treatment. Glaze it over the parts of your hair that need a little TLC. ( hair should be damp, not wet)

  • 2. Tie your long curly hair loosely in a ponytail with a scrunchie on top of your head to protect the ends and keep the curl pattern intact

  • Replace your cotton pillowcase with a silk one. It’ll help keep your hair hydrated, prevent breakages and minimise frizz by reducing friction.

  • Wear a silk sleep bonnet to keep your curls in place, maintain their clumped-together shape, and prevent breakages and dehydration.

steps for styling your hair in the morning without washing or wetting it

  1. After removing your sleep cap, flip your head over and gently shake your hair at the roots.

  2. Leave your hair to settle for 15 to 30 minutes.

  3. Work curl by curl, smoothing and redefining using a curl cream or leave-in. Squeeze the product into the curls to encourage definition, then air dry.

  4. For flat or undefined curls, use a small curling iron to curl individual strands. Spiral around the tong and separate the hairs when cool.

Q: I have noticed that my curly hair tends to get dry and brittle, especially towards the ends, and then it doesn't curl as well, what can I do about this?

A: Apply a leave-in moisturiser before your styling product to combat dryness and brittleness. Using a treatment product like K18 can also help restore elasticity, combat brittle ends, and encourage bounce and springiness in your curls.

Embrace your unique curls with confidence and style! By following these tips, you'll unlock the true potential of your curly hair. From taming frizz to achieving beautifully defined curls, Show off your stunning curls, love them, and let them shine!

OH, and the team at Orenda Hair are experts in curly hair... Crafting each haircut to your individual curl type and pattern to encourage the natural texture of your hair,

We can also teach you how to manage your curls and natural texture at home


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