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Master the Art of a Salon Blow-Out at home

Are you tired of envying those flawless salon blow-dries and wishing you could achieve the same results at home? Get the hair that you want regardless of the hair you have,

Discover the secrets of mastering a professional salon blow-dry at home. Learn step-by-step

techniques using KEVIN.MURPHY's BLOW.DRY range for gorgeous, long-lasting results.

Say goodbye to flat, lacklustre locks and hello to voluminous, frizz-free hair that lasts.

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Prep Your Hair for the Perfect Blow-out

The key to a great style is to ensure your hair is in prime condition. Cleanse and nourish with BLOW.DRY Wash. It's is a game-changing shampoo that not only cleans but also strengthens and revitalizes your hair. This lightweight formula replenishes moisture while safeguarding against heat damage.

Finish with BLOW.DRY Rinse , a hydrating conditioning rinse that leaves your hair silky smooth. Say farewell to dry, dull locks and welcome hair that's primed for effortless styling. Repair, moisture, shine – this rinse does it all, while locking in your blow-dry for long-lasting results.

Kevin Murphy Blow.Dry rage

Styling Essentials

You can't expect your style to hold without using styling products. Choose one of the following four styling products from Kevin Murphy that help to give you the hair you want for longer!

Elevate Your Style with EVER.LIFT

When volume and lift are your desires, choose EVER.LIFT. This heat-activated wonder amplifies volume, providing fuller, more voluminous hair that defies gravity. No more flat, lifeless locks – EVER.LIFT delivers the volume you've been craving while protecting against humidity.

Effortless Waves with EVER.BOUNCE

Want to rock beautiful, bouncy curls or beachy waves? EVER.BOUNCE is your go-to. This heat-activated style extender ensures your waves last longer, while Long Chain Polymers and a Phyto-Nutrient Complex add movement, body, and shine. providing protection from humidity ensures a frizz-free finish.

Sleek and Smooth with EVER.SMOOTH

For a sleek and polished look with no fuzzy flyaways, EVER.SMOOTH comes to the rescue. Tame frizz, enjoy humidity resistance and extend the life of your style . Achieve that smooth, sophisticated finish with ease.

Thicker and fuller with EVER.THICKEN

Is thicker, fuller hair that lasts your dream, then EVER.THICKEN is your go-to product!

This weightless, heat activated spray creates bigger, more voluminous hair , that lasts.

87% less breakage, frizz control and 24-hour humidity protection, when an Ever product is used with the Blow.Dry Wash and Rinse

Kevin Murphy Ever.Lift

Best Blow-out tips

1. Prep and Product Application:

Start with clean, towel-dried hair. Apply your chosen styling products, making sure you evenly distribute the products throughout your hair.

2. Drying Technique:

Begin drying your hair by tipping your head upside down to create volume. Dry from the roots towards the ends using your fingers or a paddle brush until your hair is 75% dry. Concentrate on the root area for maximum lift which will also help your style to last longer

3. Sectioning:

Sectioning your hair makes the hair easier to manage and ensures a polished finish, Separate the front from the back and the top from the bottom. Clip the sections out of the way.

4. Drying Process:

The key to a professional blow-out is thoroughly stretching each section as you dry it.

Take 2-3cm defined sub-sections and dry each one thoroughly by, lifting the hair up and rolling it over the brush. Use even tension and direct the air down the hair for a smooth result. Repeat until all sections are dry

5. Cool and Shape:

To set the style, volume and movement, once each section is dry wrap it around the brush, roll it up, and blast it with cold air. Or you could use a Velcro roller for extra hold. Letting it cool before touching it re-enforces the volume, curl and bounce

6. Finishing Touches:

Once hair is dried and cool, use fingers or a paddle brush to shape the style. Add volume with styling powder or texture spray at the roots. Don't style and shape the hair until it is completely cool as the residual heat will cause the hair hair to drop and can create frizz

7. Final Steps:

Finish with hairspray or shine spray for the ultimate polished look.

For a longer-lasting style and to protect the hair while you sleep. Give it a quick spray at the roots with some Kevin Murphy FRESH.HAIR and pop your hair in a silk scarf or sleep cap.

best blow Dry Products By Kevin Murphy

With KEVIN.MURPHY's BLOW.DRY range, achieving a salon-quality blowout at home is within reach. From nourishing shampoos to heat-activated style extenders, each product plays a vital role in crafting the perfect blow-dry. Follow our step-by-step guide, and you'll soon be enjoying hair that's full of volume, movement, and style that lasts.

All the BLOW.DRY products are available to purchase at the salon or from our online shop

OH and if you need more help ask one of our stylists at Orenda Hair for a Blow-dry lesson when you're next in...


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