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Updated: Aug 25, 2021


With the on set of autumn and heading into winter, the days get shorter and the temperatures drop (I'm not a fan of the cold). One thing I do get excited about is the winter fashion and the upcoming trends for the new season, not only for our wardrobe but also for hair.

We get to be more creative, as our clients transition from summery highlights and to richer wintery tones.

For winter 2021 the temperature may be getting cooler but hair is definitely getting warmer


Autumn and winter calls for deeper darker hues and flat Ashen and Mocha browns make way for browns enhanced with a dark golden or russet highlights. Balayage and highlights are not just for blondes, adding different shades of brown through darker hair gives it more dimension and its also a way of keeping it natural around your face if those warmer shades are not the best for your skin tone.


Winter blondes are brighter and creamier with a hit of warmth with shades like butter, pale honey and wheat.

Adding deeper warmer shades like caramel, amber and burnt honey into highlighted blondes give definition, shine and dimension, making the lighter highlights look lighter and brighter.


Another trend is Bronde It's not blonde, it's not brown, it's a mix of all the shades in between.

Strategically placing warm shades of caramel, honey and gold highlights to darker hair or adding deeper natural gold and biscuit to lighter hair gives the hair a healthy glow and updates a beachy, summer blonde.

Blonde, brunette or something in between, NOW is the time to try something new!


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