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Updated: Oct 12, 2021

What can I do about dry frizzy ends and frizzy hair?

We often get asked this from many of our lovely clients. Almost daily all year around

I'm sure it's something you maybe wonder also. So what causes you hair to get frizzy and fuzzy, and what can you do about it ? Here are our pro tips and the best part is it is easier than you think.

Dry hair creates frizz

The cuticle (scale like outside layer of the hair) is kept smooth and moisturised from the natural oils produced by your scalp. When they hair become dehydrated, damaged or the natural oils are stripped the cuticle layer is open and rough. Beneficial moisture can escape the hair shaft while moisture from the air enters the hair shaft, causing it to swell and change shape, instead of smooth silky hair you have a fuzzy surface.

damaged hair strand with open cuticle smooth undamaged hair strand

Causes of frizz and what you can do about it

Over use of thermal tools and excessive styling can dry out the hair and damage the cuticle.

Our pro tip : Try not to use heat on your hair all the time and make sure you use your thermal tool on a lower heat setting 160-180 degrees. Always use a thermal protector and a moisturising styling product

Using shampoo that contains sulphates ,(detergents) that strip the natural oils from your hair …

Our pro tip: Choose a brand that contains NO SULPHATES and is suited to your hair type and condition. We would recommend Kevin Murphy, DunGud and Original Mineral products.

Friction lifts the hair cuticle and creating frizz.

If your hair is curly, wavy, or prone to frizz, brushing when it’s dry is a big no-no. Brushing lifts the cuticle, creating frizz.

Sleeping on a rough cotton pillowcase or vigorously towel-drying can also ruffle the cuticle layer.

our pro tip: Use a wide tooth comb, tangle teaser or wet brush to detangle and style when your hair is wet.Then limit brushing when your hair is dry, to just before you wash it to loosen the dirt, shed hair and distribute natural oils.

Using a silk pillowcase or sleep turban or scarf when you sleep can help reduce frizz and help your style to last longer.

Using a microfibre towels or hair turbans to blot rather than rub your hair when drying will reduce the friction caused by rubbing your hair

Washing your hair in hot hot water can strip the natural oils leaving the hair de-hydrated and frizzy.

Our tip : When shampooing your hair try not to use water that is really hot, if you can stand it try a more tepid or cooler rinse (easier in Summer than winter we know)

Products that contain alcohol can also dry out the hair, leaving it brittle as alcohol absorbs the moisture your hair needs to lubricate the hair and smooth the cuticle.

Our pro tip: Use styling products that are creams based or natural oil based.

apply your styling products to soaking wet hair, as opposed to towel-dried hair,as it adds a protective layer against frizz as well as a leave in conditioner

Touching your hair too much can disrupt the curl pattern and smoothness of the cuticle layer. You hands can add dirt and grime and remove essential oils causing friction and hair to become frizzy.

Our tip : Apply your styling, and leave-in- moisturising products when the hair is wet, style and leave to dry or blow-dry using good brushes. When dry apply your finishing products. then leave it alone… the more you touch the more you frizz


the hair becomes frizzy during humid weather as dry hair starts soaking up the moisture from the air and this causes the cuticle to swell and become frizzy

Our pro tip: Use a shampoo that balances and hydrates the scalp and using hydrating and cuticle smoothing conditioners. Humidity defence sprays and creams and waxes can help put a barrier

Excessive lightening and over colouring hair with formulas that are too strong, or have high ammonia content will damage your hair and cuticle.

Our pro tip: Always have your hair coloured professionally and listen you your stylists advice. If its already damaged invest in a molecular repair or bond builder treatment.

Keratin Smoothing treatment could also be the answer to your problems

you can read all about it on the following article

Follow these tips and say goodbye to the frizz!

If you need any more help or any of our services to help fight the frizz you can book a time here


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