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Updated: Aug 25, 2021

What is a toner ?

A Toner is the fine-tuning, the finishing touch that enhances , refines and transforms a hair colour. Toners are a colour that is the top coat over lightened or coloured hair to add colour, neutralise unwanted tones, add dimension and gloss. A toner can be any shade you love from soft pastel to bright vivid. A toner is not one specific product, as semi- permanent glosses, demi- permanent and permanent colour can all be used. Each toner is individually formulated depending on the condition of your hair, the colour or tone we want to achieve, the lightness of your hair and the amount of warm pigment exposed..

Why do you need a toner?

⁠When we lighten hair, usually we use a powder, cream or clay lightener to achieve the level of lightness required. Essentially we are gently removing the pigment from the hair and as we do this we are exposing the the natural warm pigments. (Hair always lightens warm - from orange to pale gold depending on your natural colour and previous colours). A toner is applied after the lightening process and when highlighting to eliminate any unwanted warmth and add colour , tone and dimension., allowing us to achieve clean cool blondes, pretty pastels and soft golden, rosy and peachy hues. Your perfect shade.

Dark or light, all hair colour fades and as it does the warm pigments are exposed. A toner can be used to eliminate this warmth caused by fade and refresh and rejuvenate your colour.

If you have over-lightened or your hair condition is compromised and not as strong or healthy as it could be , A bond building treatment can be added to your toner. This will help rebuild and protect the internal structure, making hair stronger, shinier and less prone to damage.

How often should You have a toner?

Depending on your hair type, the condition of your hair and how often you shampoo your hair a toner can last between two-to-six weeks.

To ensure that your blondes stay clean, vivid, pastel tones bright and brunettes stay rich we would recommend a toning service each 3-4 weeks in between full lightening or highlighting services.

This makes sure your hair colour always looks it's best, but it can also make the hair shiny and glossy..

Can I tone at home?

Formulating the best shades for your hair and applying a toner best left to the professionals. You don't want patchy, over-toned, uneven results. Your stylist can recommend the best toner service and book that for you on the day that you have your lightening service.

If you want to help reduce fade at home, We can prescribe a toning shampoo or treatment and explain how often and when to use them..

If you need any advice about lightening and toning you can book a colour consultation and chat to one of our expert stylist. just call the salon on 82328539 or follow our booking links to book online


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