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Updated: Jun 7, 2021

What is a bond building treatment? Why do I need one and what can it do for my hair? These are common questions our clients ask us, and the short answer is it is a treatment that protects the bonds in your hair from breaking and helps to rebuild bonds that have broken due to chemical damage (colour, straightening and perming).

How does the treatment work?

The science : Your hair is made of a protein called Keratin, the keratin forms fibrous structures that are held together inside the hair strands by Disulphide bonds.These bonds gives the hair its strength, shape and elasticity.

Repeated colouring, lightening, chemical services and the regular use of thermal equipment can weaken and damage these bonds causing the hair to become brittle, dry and dull and

in extreme cases of over colouring and lightening the hair will become so weak it will break.

broken and damaged hair under the microscope

A bond-building treatment can reduces the oxidative stress inside the hair by protecting the strong bonds and restoring the broken bonds, forming a new bridge between the keratin proteins.

This will strengthen the hair and help stop any further damage to the internal structure of the hair.Your hair will feel stronger and thicker your colour will last longer and hair will look shinier and healthy.

The process:The treatment is a three step process. Part A and B done in the salon and part C a take home maintenance treatment to use once a week.

The bond-builder part A can be added to your colour to prevent any damage to the disulphide bonds and protect the hair from damage and then once the colour is rinsed part B is applied to further protect and rebuild. This part in the process includes a scalp massage and hot towel mask.

Alternatively you can have a stand alone treatment before, after or between chemical services to actively rebuild and protect the internal structure of the disulphide bonds in the hair.

When should I have a bond-builder and How often?

Good condition & minimally damaged hair:We use O & M cor colour, a low-chemical, no ammonia colour range in the salon, because it is not as harsh on the hair and scalp, ALL permanent oxidative hair colour will weaken the bonds so we would recommend having a bond building treatment each time your colour is applied to the ends of your hair to protect from any damage and ensure the bonds stay strong .

More damaged and porous hair: If your hair condition has been compromised in any way from chemical services, feels dry and looks dull and you colour is not lasting as it should we would recommend you have a bond building treatment each time you have a colour and in-between services. to make your hair stronger as well as improving your colour result and it's longevity.

Severely damaged hair: we would recommend rebuilding it prior to your colour service and also having the service between colour services until the the internal structure has been restored and the condition improved.

After the bond-building treatment we also recommend using the part C care once a week when you shampoo your hair to ensure the re-formed bonds are protected and the hair condition is maintained

Talk to your stylist about a re-bonding treatment on your next visit or if you are unsure what would be best for you and just need some advice you can always book in for a complementary consultation.

For more information on the variety of treatment programs available to suit different hair types, conditions and budgets click on the link!


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