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BALAYAGE OR FOILS - which is the best way to highlight hair?

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Did you know foils, balayage, baby-lights, foilage , root smudge colour melt and lowlights are all highlighting techniques we use to achieve various multi- dimensional, lightened and blonde looks? Often the result you are after is a combination of techniques.

multi-tone blonde
blonde highlights by

Let's talk about Foil highlights

Foiling is a hair colouring technique where sections of hair are coloured and separated from the non-colored sections by foils. Multiple shades can be used through the hair and results can be subtle, bright or very blonde depending on the amount of hair in the foils and the colours used. The colour is even along the hair strand from the roots to the ends.

Foils are usually recommended If you are wanting a big colour change, are lightening more than three shades or want to have multiple shades and depths.

Baby-lights are very fine, subtle foiled highlights strategically placed on the hair line to mimic the effect of sun lightening. Usually used in conjunction with a balayage technique to blend the hairline and frame the face.

full head of foil highlights

What is Balayage?

Balayage is French for sweeping and in hair colouring it is a free-hand technique where lightener is painted onto the hair in long sweeping strokes, to create natural looking highlights and sun-kissed results. The colour is applied more heavily to the mid section and ends then feathered up toward the root area achieving a more 'lived in, grown out effect 

Foyalage combines balayage technique with the foiling technique to achieve blonder and lighter results.

balayage with face framing babylights by oh.orendahair

The low down on lowlights

Low-lights is the same process as foil highlights, however darker colour tones are used to create more depth and dimension to the colour. They are often used when hair has become over highlighted or to add dimension and tonal variation to hair that is looking too blonde.

lowlights and highlights are combined to create dimension

Consultation is important

At Orenda your colourist will always spend time talking to you, showing you pictures and making sure they know exactly what you would like to achieve.

They will then use a combination of techniques and colour formulas to create your colour. Making sure it suits your hair type, skin tone and the amount of maintenance you are willing to put in.

OH and we make sure you understand the process and you reach your dream hair without compromising the condition.

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Michael Scofield
Michael Scofield
Oct 07, 2022

I was always confused about the right way of highlight hairs. Please Upload more informative blogs because many of the woman's don't know the right ways of caring her hairs. Manipulate Hair

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