Sustainable, gender-neutral hair salon in Adelaide 

Creating personalised haircuts, bespoke colours and individual styling to enhance your unique style, without compromising the integrity, health and condition of your hair. Using products that are free from toxic chemicals, environmentally responsible and cruelty free.

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Tuesday & Wednesday 10am - 8pm

Thursday 9am - 5pm 

Friday 9am - 6pm

Saturday 9am - 3pm 


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"a spiritual power inherent in all people and their environment to bring about change for the better"

Orenda hair is gender- neutral, sustainable salon 

For everyone who wants great hair, has a sense of style and cares about the products they use.


Our talented experienced team will listen to you and create a look that suits you and your individuality, with an emphasis on the long-term health and condition of your hair.  


Because your health, the health of our team and the the planet is important. we use products that contain no toxic chemicals, are cruelty free and sourced ethically and sustainably. They allow our stylists to achieve the lightest, the richest and most vibrant shades. Your perfect colour, without compromising the integrity of your hair. Leaving it glossy and manageable 

Our stylists will make sure you know how to style and maintain the condition of  your hair between salon visits so you'll look and feel good always. We know you hate bad hair days.

We have created an inclusive space, where you can be yourself , feel comfortable, looked after and part of our Orenda family. 


OH- and we are members of sustainable salons  and recycle 95% of all our waste.


To reflect inclusivity and a safe space for all our pricing structure is gender-neutral

Our prices are based on hair length and service time not gender 

We believe the key to a great haircut and style, is a thorough consultation. Understanding how you like your hair to look, your needs, lifestyle and hair type we can design and create your perfect look.

Whether it's straight, curly or somewhere in between, one of our highly trained experienced stylists will ensure your hair is manageable and look great 

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Colour make us feel good, it enhances our style and makes a statement. The perfect colour for you reflects your personality, suits your skin tone and eye colour and looks shiny and healthy. 

Our team are trained in the latest hair colouring techniques and will formulate a colour that suits you and your style.

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At Orenda hair the health of your hair is important to us. 

When your hair is healthy and in good condition it is easier to manage, it grows faster and and looks shiny. We have various in salon treatment services available to moisturise, Rebuild, Detoxify and smooth your hair.




Loved it! Super friendly staff, listened to my wants/concerns with my hair and really happy with the results


Friendly, unpretentious, fun and loving. Can say hand on heart you won’t find a better salon in Adelaide. I’ve moved my whole family here I love it so much. Thanks to the whole team Of legends that work here. Do yourself a favour and book in!


Friendly and professional staff who go above and beyond to make your visit an amazing experience. I've recommended so many people to book in and they've all loved it too!


salon address

shop 3 4-10 Ebenezer Place



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