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From bright blonde and dark brown to hot pink, there are a wide variety of hair colour to choose from. Hair colour can define a part of who you are and can express your individuality. Ever wondered what that colour says about you and your own unique personality?


From Bright and fiery to deep rich, if you love shades of red you are passionate, ambitious, bold and adve. You like to stand out ands love attention. The colour red is also energetic, attractive, thrill-seeking, powerful and sometimes intimidating.


If pink is your favourite hair colour, then you are are playful fun and flirty. You are optimistic and easily excitable which can be seen as innocent and immature. Your emotions are strong and you are considerate of other people’s feelings and are a natural carer.


Orange tones can be found in light strawberry blondes to bold copper and if these warm shades are for you, You are fun, playful and energetic. You have a creative energy and spontaneous nature. You are social and love being around people. You love to just dive in and get things done.


Yellow is the colour of Sunny golden blondes and deeper tones of honey and caramel. If this your colour, you are creative, cheerful and fun to be around. You often put on a happy face, even in bad and stressful times.

You make decisions quickly and are a perfectionist, which means you can be critical of yourself and others.


If green is your colour you probably have a desire to be unique, you know yourself well and dont like being told what to do. You are naturally intuitive and focus on the big picture rather than small details. You care deeply about the planet, nature and all things green.


Blue is reserved, confident, conservative, persistent and trustworthy and you are not looking for attention. You like organisation, independence and to do things your own way. You will think things through before acting.


If you love grey or ashy silver tones you are confident, know what you want and know how to get it. You could be described as high maintenance and you love structure and order. You are cool and composed and often the peace keeper.


From dark aubergine, vivid plum and pastel lavender. if you love purple you crave your own identity and dance to music no one else can hear. You spend a lot of time in your own head thinking, not paying attention to details or the time, and you are often late.

You are independent and dont like to ask for help.


If black is your colour you are confident, bold, strong and mysterious. You are trustworthy and command respect. You can be impulsive and a risk taker.


Brown is the colour of honesty, integrity, and reliability.If brown is your colour you like to stay grounded in the here and now and dont like to be too spontaneous. You are dependable and organised.


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