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Revive Summer Hair with our Guide to Treatments That Restore, Renew, and Rebuild your locks

Summer is all about fun under the sun, but we know sun, surf and heat can cause hair to become dehydrated, brittle and prone to breakage, leaving your hair in need of some TLC.

The team at Orenda Hair have put together our tips for protecting your hair and the best treatments to restore, renew and rebuild your hair from any damage or stress that may have occurred during the summer.

blonde waves

Restore Hair from Chlorine and Salt Water Build-up

A day at the beach or around the pool is one of our favourite ways to cool off,

swimming can wreak havoc on hair.

Saltwater pulls moisture from your hair and Chlorine strips your hair of the natural oils leaving it dry and brittle, making it more susceptible to breakage and split ends. It also strips your hair colour causing it to fade faster.

Chlorine and other pool chemicals such as copper (found in the algicides used in pool chemicals) can also build up in your hair creating damage to the outer and inner layers of the hair, as well as turning blonde hair green.

To protect your hair

  • Before you swim pre-soak your hair with tap water, your hair will absorb the water minimising the amount of sea and pool water that is absorbed

  • Saturate your hair with leave-in treatment or moisturiser, this can form a barrier to the salt and chlorine to protect and hydrate your hair while swimming

  • Tie your hair up in a bun, a ponytail or braids this can help stop your hair from being saturated by the chlorinated or salt water

  • After swimming rinse your hair in clean fresh water. Use a clarifying or detox shampoo we recommend K18 Detox shampoo, Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash or DunGud Re-Set shampoo

To remove any build-up and restore your locks we also recommend visiting the salon and having a  "K18 Chelating Detox" treatment. This acts like a magnet to attract and remove the minerals and metals that build up in your hair, leaving it revitalised and shiny.

sea water and hair

Rebuild from Sun Damage

Just like your skin hair can be damaged by UV rays from the sun. The sun reduces moisture in the hair, can damage and weaken your hair's structure and causes colour pigments to fade, and lose their shine and gloss. The results of sun damage can leave your hair brittle, broken, rough and frizzy.

  • Apply leave-in that helps block UV rays

  • Wear a hat or scarf and sit in the shade

  • Use a mask or treatment regularly

  • Stay hydrated

If your hair is suffering, to revive and rebuild it, we recommend the "K18 Molecular Repair Mask" – a superhero treatment that re-connects broken keratin chains by carrying amino acids back into the core of the hair to heal and restore strength, softness and bounce, bringing hair back to its original youthful state.

Or you could choose a bond-building plex treatment a combination of amino acids and keratin proteins to re-link internal hair bonds and repair damaged keratin while hydrating and strengthening the hair. Your hair will be softer, shiner and more supple.

An Everlasting colour treatment is a bond-building treatment to nourish and restore coloured hair. It is a leave-in shot that protects against colour fading, enhances shine and vibrancy and builds strength from within

brunette hair in the sun

Renew Dull and Dry hair

If your hair is feeling a little dehydrated and lacklustre from your outdoor adventures you may just need a customised in-salon treatment mask, to hydrate and moisturise, leaving your hair feeling smoother, softer and looking shinier.

long big bouncy blowout

Orenda Hair Salon's Treatment Menu:

Ready to transform your summer hair? We have treatments to suit all hair types and conditions.

  • K18 Molecular Repair Mask Internal Repair, strengthen & renew $55

  • K18 - Chelating Detox Deep Clean, De-mineralise, Shine $22

  • Ultimate treatment Detox, Cleanse, repair & renew $70

  • Bond Building Plex Hydrate, soften & internal repair $45

  • KM Customised Treat. me Nourish, moisturise, smooth & strengthen $35

  • KM everlasting colour shot - Lock in colour & protect $25

  • Treatment Mask- Moisturise, smooth, & shine $20

All our Treatments include:

  • Relaxing scalp massage to stimulate growth

Summer is for making memories, not for worrying about our hair.

Ready to revive, restore and rebuild your locks? Call Orenda Hair on 82328539 or make a booking online (link below)


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