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How often should I visit the salon is a question we get asked quite often and to be honest there is no "right" answer, It all depends on what you are trying to achieve, the condition of your hair, the texture and amount of hair you have.

Here is a basic guideline that will help you plan your next visit

Hair cut - every 4 - 8 weeks

Regular trims or hair cuts are recommended to ensure the shape and style sit well and make sure your hair is healthy and easy to manage. You also want to make sure your your hair is not prone to breaking and frizz by removing the split ends.

To maintain the style, length and condition we would recommend a regular cut every 4-6 weeks.

If you have longer hair or are wanting to grow the length, a trim every 6-8 weeks would be best.

Fine hair may need more regular trims as it is more prone to breakage so every six weeks is advisable to keep it healthy and strong.

Your stylist can advise you on what would be best for you and your hair goals.

In salon treatments & masks- 4-12 weeks

Every time you have a colour and when your hair is feeling like it needs a little TLC..

Treatments keep your hair in optimum condition, ensure evenness of colour uptake and protect your hair from environmental and chemical damage.

Colour maintenance

It will depend on how fast your hair grows and the colour look you are after. Once your hair starts to grow and you can see your regrowth, or the colour tone has faded it's time to see your colourist..

A big colour change may required multiple visits more often where as a more subtle, natural look may not need to be touched up as often.

Covering greys & full head colours - 4-6 weeks

If you have a full head global colour or are covering greys your roots start to appear after about 4 weeks, if your hair grows slower or the shade is close to your natural shade, it could be more like 6 weeks,

Going any longer between colour services can create banding and excessive fading which will require more than just a touch up and refresh, A full correction and recolour may be required.

Blondes - roots touch up every 4 weeks

Blondes are high maintenance and need regular visits to the salon to ensure they stay fresh, toned and to avoid banding. Once the regrowth is wider than 1cm the lightener will lift differently, (faster and lighter at the scalp and slower and yellower as you go down the shaft) causing uneven lift and banding, If your regrowth is over grown, then we need to apply the colour using a correction technique, which is be more time consuming, uses more product and it will cost you more.

hair grown roughly 1cm per month so we recommend having your blonde touched up every 4 weeks. This not only keeps the blonde light bright and toned but also ensures your hair stays in optimum condition

Balayage and highlights - 8 weeks - 8months toner 4-6weeks

Salon visits will depend on the look you're after. The lighter and heavier the result the more often you need to visit the salon to keep the colour refreshed. About every 6 - 12 weeks. You may only need a partial highlighting service not always a full head

If you like a more "lived in" natural result then you can usually go 6-8 months.between

highlighting and balayage services.

Highlighting and balayage services require toning after lightening, to refine the colour and add reflect and shine. Toners will fade and need to be refreshed about every 4-6 weeks, so you may not need your hair lightened that often, but you will need to book in for a gloss toner in-between.

Make time

If you're unsure of the maintenance and upkeep of your hair you are always welcome to make a time to chat to one of our Stylists at Orenda Hair.

You'll find the salon in Ebenener place, Adelaide

OH..... and we even offer a free consultation service. click on the link below to schedule a time or call us on 0477264644


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