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Winter can be hard on your hair. The cold harsh weather & the drying effects of excessive

indoor heating can cause your hair can become dehydrated, fuzzy and more prone to


Here are the five most common issues that we get asked about and what you can do to keep

your hair healthy and hydrated throughout winter.

Problem #1 - My hair feels like straw

As the temperature starts to drop so does the moisture levels in the air. The dry air from the cold outside and indoor heating sucks the moisture from your hair leaving it dehydrated and looking and feeling like straw.

To help combat this we suggest changing you routine and using a more hydrating shampoo and conditioner to help replace the lost moisture hair need to stay smooth and supple without weighing it down. Adding a leave in treatment or moisturiser will add the extra hydration that the dry air takes out.

We also recommend a customised deep conditioning treatment tailored for your hair next time our in the salon for that extra smoothness and shine.

Problem #2 - My scalp feels tight and itchy

Just like the skin on the rest of your body, your scalp is also prone to becoming dry and itchy once the cold weather hits.

We recommend alternating with your usual shampoo with a scalp balancing, control or purifying shampoo. Or changing to these gentle formula's that are specially designed for dry scalps.

You may also want to consider washing your hair less often as this will allow more of your natural oils to sit on your scalp so that the skin there stays hydrated and protected

Problem #3 - Too much static

Dry, chilly air can create an electrical charge in your hair, causing static and fly away hair. Brushing it or smoothing it with your hands, only make matters worse. What you need is an extra shot of moisture. A leave-in treatment, which can add an extra dose of hydration that will help soften, smooth, and protect your hair from those drying elements. Apply a pump or two before styling or whenever your hair is feeling a little staticky.

Problem #4 - My hair looks dull

Our hair tend to appear duller and less shiny once the winter cold sets in. To help bring your hair back to its vibrant, lustrous self, we recommend adding a lightweight serum or oil to your hair care regimen for a healthy glass like shine. Richer warmer colour tones reflect the light and can help to give the hair that extra glow. Talk to your stylist about a gloss toner or maybe trying a deeper colour for winter

Problem #5 - My hair gets matted and tangled

Scarves, beanies and the high-necks on most winter clothing rubs up against your delicate hair, causing increased friction, which can lead to knots, tangles, and damage.

Applying a leave-in treatment to your hair before you brush or comb it helps to soften and detangle those knots. Apply it and brush out before you shampoo or add it to your hair before styling.

Follow these tips and you can have shiny, healthy great looking hair all winter.


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