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We are loving these new products that have hit our shelves here at Orenda hair.

HOT TOOLS thermal styling tools, THE FOURTH HOUSE emotional wellbeing products and DELORENZO TRICHO scalp therapy products


We've been using these innovative hot tools in the salon for a couple of months and are really happy with the results we can achieve. The ergonomic design and cutting edge technology means they are easy to use and glide through the hair to help you achieve beautiful, long-lasting hair styles.

The range contains a temperature controlled straightening iron, Curling irons in two different sizes and the curl bar a curling want with a unique right angle for easier curling and less arm strain.


The Tricho Series is a three step program and natural remedy for the treatment of scalp concerns, including dandruff, psoriasis, itching, redness and scaling.

Tricho is formulated with a sophisticated blend of certified organic ingredients, is free from Petrochemicals and SLS that can irritate sensitive scalps.

The range is available in three different variants needed for different hair & scalp types:

Scalp Balance for dry scalps Scalp Control for oily scalps Sensitive for very sensitive scalps


The fourth house is a South Australian hand made range of emotional wellness products that are infused with a combination of the healing powers of Moon light,Crystal vibrations, Flower Essences, and 100% Pure Essential Oils.  Each oil has its own physical healing benefit that is backed by science.

We are stocking the oil blends, wellness rollers, the room and aura sprays, beard oil and the 22 degrees cooling spray. We have had the oil blends in the diffuser in the salon, the smells are divine.

check out the products next time your in the salon.

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