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The biggest trending hairstyle on Instagram is the 'wolf cut'.

Think shaggy, wavy layers throughout the hair, with face framing and fringy layers at the front. The wolf cut is worn shorter, with more texture and volume on the top and around the face and gradually longer and thinner towards the ends.

It is essentially a combination of a shag and a mullet worn a little bit wild.

The wolf cut can be soft and shaggy, short and edgy or big and curly. It is a style that can be adapted for all lengths and hair textures

Depending on your face shape and what suits, the front can be worn as soft curtain bangs or a shorter blunt or feathered fringe.

Here's a few pics we found on the web that is inspiring us

Are you feeling inspired and ready to update your look ?

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Membro desconhecido
11 de jan. de 2022

Amazing Content, Great Haircut Photos Of Wolf Cut, Keep Sharing More And More Photos And Hair Styles, Cause Women Loves New Hairs.

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