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Updated: May 18, 2022

Over the last couple of years the science and technology behind hair care, particularly plex and re-bonding treatments has been rapidly evolving.

These treatments and systems have made it possible to push the boundaries when colouring and styling by offering added protection and repair to stressed hair.

The latest technological breakthrough is The K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask. It's the miracle treatment that brings, even the most damaged strands back to their youthful state. Protecting hair from damage and repairing the hair from the inside out more effectively than any other treatment.

But does it live up to all the hype and actually work?

I put it to the test and here is my honest opinion....


When hair gets damaged, the polypeptide chains (keratin chains) that make up the inner structure of hair strands become weakened and break. When these are damaged, hair’s core structure becomes compromised and, as a result, it loses its strength, elasticity, resiliency, and shine.Traditional hair masks hydrate and smooth the outside of your hair to make it shinier and stronger but dont actually repair the the chains. K18 uses a patented peptide that takes the amino acids (building blocks of hair) into the inner structure to regenerate the bonds and repair the keratin chains. Restoring the strength, elasticity and smoothness.



When I first heard about K18 the product seemed too good to be true or just another bond-builder ... Until I tried it.

My hair was in Ok condition for curly, coloured hair. There was some damage on the ends from using hot tools and constant colouring, which was not helping with the frizz. I was really interested to see if my hair would look and feel significantly better after using K18.

I was hesitant about not using conditioner and using K18 as a leave-in conditioner instead, especially as my curly hair, that has a tendency to go frizzy without loads of moisturiser and conditioner. But it detangled well and her hair was easy to comb, and was left feeling soft and not so fried looking.

Being a leave in treatment made it much easier to use that the usual hair treatments that need to be left for 10 minutes and rinsed..I don't always have time for that.


Prior to my colour being applied the K18 molecular repair mist was sprayed in my hair to start repairing existing damage while strengthening and improving the elasticity of hair, this creates the best canvas for even colour and hair protection.

After the colour service we treated my hair with the professional repair treatment mask.

My hair did feel soft and bouncy looked really shiny (to be honest it always does after it's been done in the salon) but the difference was that the blow-dry held better and the ends didn't get frizzy as quickly.

The recommendation is to use the treatment for the next 3-4 shampoos after your colour and then once a week after that and of course you use it instead of conditioner

Because of my curl I only shampoo my hair about every 10 days (in between I co-wash). I decided to use K18 every time I used shampoo and still use my cleansing treatment on the washes in-between.

I shampooed my hair, no conditioner and after getting out of the shower I lightly towel dried it.

I put 2 to 3 pumps into my hands and rubbed together to get a slight lather and applied it to the most sensitised ends first then worked up toward the roots. I used a a wide tooth comb to distribute the product and detangle and left it sit to activate, and after 4 minutes added my styling products and styled as usual

The process was easy and the K18 did go a long way. My hair didn't feel greasy or heavy but felt soft and moisturised.


The difference is pretty noticeable. My hair is stronger and I am getting less breakage. When I have a blow-out my hair is bouncier and defiantly shinier.. I’ve also noticed that my curls are more defined and less frizzy when I wear it curly.

So yes It does live up to the hype and I would recommend the treatment.

Particularly for anyone who wants to protect their hair from damage or wanting to reverse damage from chemical services and heat styling.

We have had K18 molecular repair treatment mask in the salon for a little over 18 month now and I have to say it is the best treatment we have used for hair repair and protection.


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