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The health of your hair is important. When your hair is healthy and in good condition it is easier to manage, it grows faster and looks shiny.

When your hair goes through a lot blowdrying, thermal styling, products building up and being exposed to the environment, it can start to feel dry and damaged and in need of some extra care.

Regular treatments are a great way of adding nutrients, moisture, strengthening and protecting your locks, but it can be confusing, there are so many options and products.

We can help you understand which treatment is the best one for you.

K18 Molecular Repair Mask

What is it?

K18 is the ultimate treatment for Reversing damage and preventing breakage while strengthening hair and improving elasticity. The bio active peptide in-salon treatment and the take home leave-in mask uses the most up-to-date technology to prepare, protect and repair hair before and after in-salon services.

K18 reconnects broken keratin chains by carrying amino acids back into the core of the hair to heal and restore strength, softness and bounce and bring hair back to its original youthful state.

Who needs it?

We would recommend this treatment for:

  • Everyone when they have a colour service to prepare your hair and protect it from chemical damage

  • If you have damaged, brittle or breaking hair it will help to strengthen and repair

  • Anyone who uses thermal tools regularly.

  • Hair that has little elasticity and frizzes easily.

  • Anyone growing their hair to help prevent split ends and breakage

How often?

The 2 step in-salon service should be done every time you have a colour service.

Use the take home leave-in K18 Mask to continue hair strengthening between salon visits. Your stylist will recommend how often you should use it depending on your hair condition and haircare routine.


What is it?

This in salon treatment is a combination of amino acids and keratin proteins that patch over damaged internal bonds to improve the hair strength, moisturise and protect from within.

Who needs it?

We would recommend this treatment if your hair is:

  • Porous, dry and needs repairing

  • Dull and needs softening and strengthening

How often?

Every time you visit the salon you could have this treatment


What is it

Everlasting.colour treatment An in salon and at home bond-building treatment to nourish and restore hair. It protects against colour fading and enhances shine, vibrancy and radiance by building strength from within to boost colour

Who needs it?

We would recommend this treatment to all our colour clients

to strengthen hair and protect the colour from fade

  • to enhance the shine and vibrancy of the colour

How often?

  • the in-salon treatment every time you colour your hair

  • At home leave in treatment each time you wash your hair after shampoo and condition


What is it?

Personalised mixed to order treatments to nourish, hydrate and moisturise your hair leaving it shiny, smooth and protected from environmental damage. Hair is deep cleansed to remove impurities and prepare the hair so the nutrients and moisture from the customised treatment can be absorbed during the relaxing scalp massage.

Who needs it

We would recommend these treatments for all clients that need some extra TLC for their hair if they have any of the following hair concerns or problems

  • Hair that lacks shine and moisture

  • Ageing hair

  • Frizzy or brittle hair

  • Hair that has chemical build up from chlorine, hard water or products

The scalp massage an hot towels that are part of the service are great for stress relief and relaxation

How often?

Every time you visit the salon for a cut or styling service you could have this treatment. It is not recommended to have at the same visit as you have a colour service.


What is it?

In salon or at home deep conditioning mask to hydrate and moisturise the outer layers of the hair. leaving your hair feeling smoother and looking shinier.

Who needs it?

We would recommend hair masks for everyone as part of their at home hair care routine to

  • increase shine

  • hydrate and soften when you need more than conditioner

  • protect from damage

How often?

Every time you visit the salon for a cut or styling service you could have this treatment.

Depending on your hair condition and how often you shampoo your hair you could do this treatment weekly-monthly to give your hair some extra TLC.

Leave in treatments

What is it

A leave-in treatment is used after shampooing and conditioning hair. It can be a spray, a cream or a mousse and comes in various formulations to target specific needs such as dehydration, frizziness and heat protection.

Who needs it

  • anyone who need some extra nourishment or moisture to their routine

  • all hair types that need extra detangling

  • anyone using thermal tools and needs protection

How often

  • every time you shampoo, before styling

So do right by your hair and keep you hair looking and feeling beautiful. Next time you're in the salon make time for a treatment and to keep it healthy, shiny and between visits ask your stylist to recommend a treatment specific to your needs to use at home.


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